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Industrial Combustion burners can be found with virtually
every leading boiler manufacturer’s packaged products.

Advanced Technology

The IC SBR-30 series burner, capable of less than 30 ppm NOx emissions without FGR, offers: natural gas fuel option from 4.1 MMBTU/hr. This Low-NOx burner is also capable of firing #2 Fuel Oil as a backup fuel. The design is ideal for use with applications where low emissions are required and high efficiency is desired. The SBR-30 ppm burner delivers the reliability to meet today’s stringent NOx emission levels, without a FGR application and avoiding high excess O2.


Low-NOx Emissions as low as 30 ppm achieved without FGR

Parallel Positioning standard for optimal control throughout the firing range

Premix Fuel allows uniform flame distribution, low CO emission

Air Housing for easy access to internal components

Combustion Air Fan advanced blades are featured in the design which results in less motor horsepower requirements and significant noise reduction when compared to standard force draft fans

No Air Filters are required, saving on maintenance costs

Low-NOx/ CO achieved without a fragile surface combustion burner head, making it safer and more reliable, and requires less maintenance

Compatible with several control systems

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